Global Automotive Technologies is proud of our ECMTUNE product line. In the ECMTUNE product line there is three different products, ECMTUNE Professional, the original ECMTUNE system, ECMTUNE Express, and ECMTUNE Handheld.

ECMTUNE is an easy to use ECM reprogramming system for both professionals and novices alike. Since its release in 2007, ECMTUNE has been used around the world for successful reprogramming of hundreds of vehicles. Quickly perform non-invasive flash reprogramming of the Engine Control Module through the vehicle OBD connector. ECMTUNE also includes full diagnostic functions as well, including reading and clearing trouble codes for all modules within the vehicle. ECMTUNE Professional and Express consists of a vehicle interface device, CANTUN (shown above on right and a PC program.  ECMTUNE Handheld consists of a vehicle interface (shown above with cable) for programming and a PC program for getting your vehicle files.

ECMTUNE Professional

prof_smallDesigned for the high-volume tuning professional.  Supported multiple vehciles and multiple tuning maps per vehicle.





Low cost system streamlined for the end-user customer or occasional performance tuner.




ECMTUNE Handheld

handheld_black_10Designed primarily for the end customer, quickly reflash the vehicle without the need for a PC during programming




ECMTUNE supports Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford.  For a list of supported vehicles click here.

The latest version of ECMTUNE is currently version 5.0.  If you are not running the latest version, please contact Global Auto Tech to obtain the latest version.

For the latest software installation, installation guide and user guide for ECMTUNE click here.