ECMTUNE Professional




  • Non-Invasive flash programming through the vehicle OBD-II connector
  • Easy to use programming wizards
  • Rapid vehicle programming and information retrieval
  • Supports multiple vehicles and multiple tuning maps per vehicle
  • Has the ability to read out the software from the ECM
  • Includes a full VIN decoder (for most support vehicles)
  • DTC Support – Read and clear DTCs for all control modules in the vehicle, complete with full descriptions available
  • Service Reminder Reset included with DTC support
  • Consists of a PC software application (ECMTUNE) and a USB vehicle interface (CANTUN)

ECMTUNE Feature comparison is available here.

ECMTUNE Professional supports Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover.  For a list of supported vehicles click here.

The software installation and users guide for ECMTUNE Professional is available here.